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Register Your LLC

There's a lot that goes into filing an LLC. With various state requirements, multiple steps and a lot of important documentation, even the smallest mistake can end up costing you. That's where we come in.

LLC for Free*

Starting an LLC can be difficult. Our team ensures that you have the right tools to get the job done.

S-Corp Registration

Starting an S-Corporation can be a wise choice for those looking to establish a business in the services sector. An S-Corp is a tax designation that allows business owners to avoid double taxation by passing profits and losses through to their personal income tax returns.

Non-Profit Registration

Starting a non-profit organization can be a fulfilling way to serve your community and make a difference in the services sector. To start a non-profit, there are several important steps to follow, including researching the need for your organization, creating a mission statement, selecting a board of directors, filing for incorporation, and applying for tax-exempt status with the IRS.

Contracts & Agreements

Creating contracts and agreements is a critical aspect of running a successful services business. Contracts and agreements help ensure that both the business and the client understand the terms of their arrangement and protect both parties in case of any misunderstandings or disputes. To create effective contracts and agreements, there are several key steps to follow.

Business Licenses

Obtaining a business license is a crucial step in starting a business in the services sector. A business license is a permit issued by a government agency that allows a company to legally operate in a particular jurisdiction. The requirements for obtaining a business license vary depending on the location and the type of business.

Trademark & Copyright

Creating trademarks and agreements is an important part of establishing and protecting a brand for a services business. A trademark is a symbol, design, or phrase that distinguishes a business's products or services from those of its competitors.

Establish Business Credit

Establishing business credit is an important aspect of starting and growing a services business. Business credit refers to a company's creditworthiness and financial history, separate from the personal credit of the business owner. Building strong business credit can help a company access financing, obtain favorable terms with suppliers, and establish credibility with clients and partners.

Employee & Team Management

Employee and team management is a critical function for any business that employs staff. Effective management of employees and teams can help businesses achieve their goals, improve productivity, and create a positive workplace culture. Employee management involves the day-to-day oversight of employees, including performance management, career development, and employee relations.

Human Resources

Human resources (HR) is a critical function for any business that employs staff. HR involves managing the people within an organization, including recruitment, training, performance management, and employee relations. HR professionals are responsible for creating and implementing policies and procedures that support employee development, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and promote a positive workplace culture. Some of the key areas of HR include talent acquisition and retention, performance management, employee relations, compensation and benefits, and compliance


Payroll is a critical function for any business that employs staff. Payroll refers to the process of calculating and distributing employee salaries, wages, and other compensation. Payroll services are typically responsible for managing employee pay, including withholding taxes, processing payroll deductions, and ensuring compliance with local and federal regulations.


Compliance solutions are a vital aspect of managing a services business in today's complex regulatory environment. Compliance refers to ensuring that a business follows all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards, and avoids potential legal and financial penalties. There are several compliance solutions that businesses can implement to help manage and mitigate compliance risks. These include risk assessments to identify potential compliance issues, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, employee training programs to promote compliance awareness, and ongoing monitoring and auditing to ensure ongoing compliance. Compliance solutions can also include the use of technology tools, such as compliance software, that automate compliance processes and provide real-time monitoring and reporting. Businesses must also be aware of any changes in laws or regulations that may affect their compliance obligations and adjust their compliance solutions accordingly. Seeking advice from compliance professionals and legal experts can help businesses identify the most appropriate compliance solutions for their specific needs. Overall, effective compliance solutions are essential for managing risk and ensuring the long-term success of a services business.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a crucial aspect of attracting and retaining talented employees in a competitive job market. Employee benefits are non-wage compensations provided to employees in addition to their regular salary or wages. These benefits can include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, flexible work arrangements, and employee development programs. Offering comprehensive benefits packages can help businesses attract and retain talented employees, increase employee satisfaction and engagement, and improve overall productivity.

Training & Development

Training and development are essential services for businesses looking to grow and improve the skills and knowledge of their employees. Training refers to the process of teaching employees new skills, knowledge, and procedures that will help them perform their job more effectively.

Forms & Templates

Developing custom forms and templates is an important service that can help businesses streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and maintain consistency in their operations. Custom forms and templates can be tailored to specific business needs and requirements, ensuring that information is collected accurately and consistently.


Diversity solutions are becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for employees and customers.


Logos are a critical component of a business's brand identity. A logo is a visual representation of a business, and it serves to distinguish it from other businesses in the market. A well-designed logo can help to communicate a business's values, personality, and mission, and can help to establish a strong brand presence.

Marketing & Brand Kits

Marketing and brand kits are important services for businesses that are looking to establish a strong and cohesive brand identity. A brand kit is a collection of assets and guidelines that define a business's visual identity, including its logo, color scheme, typography, and imagery.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of many businesses' marketing strategies. It provides a platform for businesses to connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and increase customer engagement. Effective social media marketing requires a deep understanding of the target audience, as well as a strategic approach to content creation and distribution.

Website Design

Web design is an essential service for businesses and organizations looking to establish a strong online presence. Effective web design combines aesthetics with functionality, providing a user-friendly experience that reflects the brand's values and personality. A well-designed website can help businesses to enhance their credibility, increase brand awareness, and provide valuable information and resources to their target audience. Web design services typically include creating a website layout, designing graphics and visual elements, developing a site architecture, and ensuring the website is optimized for search engines and mobile devices. Professional web designers can help businesses to create effective and engaging websites that meet the needs of their target audience and enhance their overall online strategy. Effective web design also incorporates user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use experience for visitors. Overall, web design is a critical aspect of modern marketing and can provide businesses with a powerful tool for building brand awareness, engaging with customers, and driving online growth.

Mobile App (iOS/Android) Design

Mobile app design is a crucial service for businesses and organizations looking to expand their digital presence and reach more customers. A well-designed mobile app can enhance customer engagement, provide valuable functionality, and help to establish a strong brand identity.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that enables individuals and organizations to make their website accessible on the internet. A web hosting provider typically offers storage space and computing resources on a server that is connected to the internet, allowing websites to be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. Web hosting providers offer a range of hosting options, including shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting involves multiple websites sharing resources on a single server, making it a cost-effective option for small websites with low traffic. VPS hosting offers more resources and customization options for medium-sized websites with moderate traffic. Dedicated hosting involves an entire server dedicated to a single website, making it suitable for large websites with high traffic and resource-intensive applications.

Enterprise Email

Enterprise email refers to email services that are specifically designed for use in large organizations. These services typically offer advanced features and security measures that are necessary to support the needs of a large and complex business environment

Cloud Voice

Cloud voice, also known as cloud-based telephony or cloud PBX, is a modern business phone system that operates entirely over the internet. With cloud voice, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which allows them to make and receive calls using their existing broadband connection.

Managed Services

Cloud managed services are a type of IT service in which an external provider manages a company's cloud computing resources. These services can include infrastructure management, data storage and backup, security and compliance, application hosting, and more. The key benefits of cloud managed services include increased efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, as well as improved security and reduced costs. LLC Stuff can help you manage your cloud infrastructure allowing you to focus on your business and it's growth.


Accounting services are a crucial aspect of managing any business. They involve the tracking, analysis, and reporting of financial transactions, as well as the creation and management of financial records. Accounting services can include a variety of tasks, such as bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial statement preparation, and payroll processing.

Private & Custom Cloud

LLC Stuff can help you manage your cloud infrastructure allowing you to focus on your business and it's growth

Hybrid Cloud

LLC Stuff can help you manage your cloud infrastructure allowing you to focus on your business and it's growth

Domain Consolidation

Consolidating domains can help to simplify website management, reduce costs associated with domain renewal and maintenance, and improve search engine optimization (SEO) by consolidating all of a company's web traffic under a single domain name.

Tax Services

Tax services refer to the professional assistance provided to individuals and businesses to help them comply with tax laws and regulations. These services may include tax planning, preparation, filing, and representation in tax audits or disputes. Tax professionals, such as accountants and tax attorneys, can help individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of federal, state, and local tax laws, and maximize tax deductions and credits. Tax services can be especially beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs who may not have the expertise or resources to manage their own tax obligations. By outsourcing their tax needs, businesses can save time and money, reduce their risk of errors or penalties, and focus on their core operations.

Registered Agent

A registered agent is a designated individual or company authorized to accept legal and official documents on behalf of a business entity, such as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). The registered agent serves as a point of contact between the business and the state government, ensuring that the business receives important legal and regulatory information in a timely and secure manner.

Mergers & Acquistions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refer to the processes of combining two or more companies to form a new entity or acquiring one company by another. M&A can provide many strategic benefits, including access to new markets, products, or technologies, increased market share, and cost savings through economies of scale.


LLC Stuff can help you manage your cloud infrastructure allowing you to focus on your business and it's growth

Cloud Security

Cloud security services can include the management of access controls, encryption, and network security. Access controls involve the management of user access to cloud resources, such as enforcing strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. Encryption involves the protection of data by converting it into a code that can only be accessed with the right decryption key. Network security involves the protection of cloud-based networks, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other security measures. '

Analytics & SEO

Analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are essential components of any successful online marketing strategy. Analytics involves the collection and analysis of data from website traffic, user behavior, and other metrics to help businesses understand their audience and improve their online presence. This data can be used to make informed decisions about website design, content, and advertising.

Fix My Email

Enterprise email refers to email services that are specifically designed for use in large organizations. These services typically offer advanced features and security measures that are necessary to support the needs of a large and complex business environment


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